Yes, it’s true. The 55 year-old retro palace has been renovated, updated, gyrated and this owner is motivated and dedicated to making this little me-cutting-cake-goodole’ motor lodge boutique a thing of wonder. (What the heck was she thinking when she put all those flamingoes in the front lawn??!)

On April 9th at 4:30pm, the ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on the front lawn (with the mingo herd as witness) followed by a Chamber Of Commerce party from 5:30-7pm (6pm surprise) where much silliness will prevail. Other local retro businesses will be on hand to add to the festivities; real bowling (Rockin’ Bowl), great food and an ice-cream float making counter and photo ops with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Dean (Rocky’s). Cameron Austin and his band will don their Blues Brothers attire and entertain while the wine & beer sipping crowd is surrounded by antique 50’s cars (Jerry Arnold & friends) and, of course, we’ll have some renovated guest rooms open for your viewing pleasure.

The public is invited for quick tours from 4:30-5:15pm.

I’d like to offer a huge thanks to my tremendously talented event planner and good friend Leigh Trapp and to business maven and friend Dee Dee Perkins for co-hosting this event and providing all the wonderful edibles. I could not have done this without you both.


Media contact – Lori Roberts 504-905-6683